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Expressen TV; YouTube [18.10.2016]
Great new Review in Nordische Musik! [09.03.2013]Review: Nordische Musik [09.03.2013] READ MORE.



"Sweden's best kept secret, now we want to see more of her!"Recomendation: PLAZA [January 2013]

"I feel alive when playing" Nadja interviews Sofia Härdig.Interview: Helsingborgs dagblad [Monday 17.12.2012] culture news about the release and the gig at Koloni [15.12.2012].Cover: Göteborgs fria [14.12.2012] READ MORE.



Interview [XX.XX.2013]

Interview with John Essing about Sofia Härdig:
A Musical Globetrotter, Göteborg Nonstop





with Sofia Härdig, Silke Jentsch, Calle Olsson, Christian Gabel, Christian Pallin, Stefan Heilemann and John Essing.Interview: Direktpress Göteborg [8.12.2012] READ MORE.




"Dirty music by Sofia Härdig" with Sofia Härdig and Silke Jentsch.Cover: UppsalaTidningen. []
Read PDF
Page 1 Page 23 Page 24.


"I smash the music".Interview: UppsalaTidningen. [] Read PDF: Page 1 Page 23 Page 24.



Summary: The Norm Of The Locked Room was very well recieved by the press yesterday on the release date!
Reviewed in a pile of papers. And Sofia did live interviews in Radio Uppland and also in MalmöKanalen.
Loads of Interviews in Magazines and papers are coming up! Sofia will try to find time a keep up and
post some of it here as it flows in! Here are
some clips from the very nice reviews yesterday...
Sofia spend the day on trains stuck in snow
trying to get to radio interviews! [06.12.2012]

"One of this years most exiting releases" Review: City [05.12.2012] Sofia gets "four plus"
even on their front page!
Read PDF [front page]



"One of this years most exiting releases" Review: City [05.12.2012]
Read PDF [page 18]

"I like dark music"Interview: Lokaltidningen Malmö [05.12.2012]
READ MORE. [page 16]



So here comes another list with Silke Jentsch and Sofia Härdig.Sofia recommends: In addition to the Magazine Gaffa, City is also interested in Sofia's Music Taste
and asked for a Special List. Published in City [04.12.2012] in relation to release 05.12.2012.

Interview: Skånes Fria! [Saturday 01.12.2012] Read PDF: Frontpage | Interview.



Cover: 18 minuter [30.11.2012] READ MORE.




"I want to celebrate our flaws and shortcomings, differences, abilities, exceptional oddities and dreams"Interview: 18 minuter [30.11.2012] READ MORE [page 4]


with Katrine Amsler, Emma Gunnarsson, Sofia Härdig, Richard Szedelyi and Stephan Sieben.Interview: Metro [18.05.2012]



Photo: Emma Gunnarsson. Mask: Richard Szedelyi. Art work: Dick Aschenbrenner with Sofia Härdig, Richard Szedelyi, Lotta Wenglén, Emma Gunnarsson and Fredrik Hoffman.Blog: Hoffas music blog [10.05.2012] READ MORE.

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