Sofia Härdig

AUDiO: Interview Radio Reboot, Germany. | ViDEO: Interview Ä, Berlin, Germany. | BiO

GiGS: 28.11.Geiger,Gothenburg. 27.11.Nya Perspektiv,Västerås READ MORE. 26.11.Lamour,Gävle. 25.11.Modern Art Museum,Malmö with
Kathy Hinde and Guy Bartell 30.10.Modern Art Museum moved to->Inter Arts Center Malmö with John Tilbury
. 24.10.The Cube,Bristol,UK.

NEWS: Sofia Härdig has gotten a RANK funded tour in Sweden this autumn with two Bristol musicians. She is
also touring England, Belgium and Germany for a couple of shows this autumn. Look out for news on these shows!

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Sofia Härdig; The Norm Of The Locked Room

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