Sofia Härdig

AUDiO | ViDEO | BiO | GiGS: 2016: 15-17.07. Sajeta Festival, Tomlin, Slovenia.
13-15.05.Istria Croatia Klanghaus Untergreith.
Malmö Live with Supersilent. Facebook Event. READ MORE.
21-24.04.SUPERMARKET - Stockholm Independent Art Fair.

NEWS: News 29.04.2016
Today The new EP is being released! Also the album from 2013 is getting some attention!
"Great experimental rock from Sofia Härdig at the album 'The Norm Of The Locked Room"
Upcoming Releases 29.04.2016 SP: Streets. 29.04.2016 EP: Live Sentences.

28.10.2016 NEW ALBUM: And The Street Light Leads To The Sea.

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And The Street Lights Leads to The Sea

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